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Surreal Art for a S...
By Tom Repasky

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Tom creates and publish 2d and 3d art, digital art, computer art poetry,writings,music (mp3), 3d and 2d animation shorts and movies through Flicker Light Studio®. Abstract Art, Surreal Art, with alien, spiritual and metaphysical metaphors stories, images, and music, familiar and alien influenced by their near death experiences (NDE). As artists they collaborate and participate in their unique and individual perspectives and expressions of life and the human experience.  It all began  in 1993 using a 25MHz computer and a program called Painter, They published their first digital images in 1994 on USENET and then on the emerging world wide web in 1995. For more than 10 years, Flicker Light Studio®  has maintained a web presence focused on art and artist, philosophy, ideas, potentials and perspectives, through expressive 3d art, surreal art, abstract art, computer art, digital art, and expressive stories, and poetry.



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The Mystic expressive Computer Art images on these pages are very high resolution. Metaphysical, spiritual, alien, allegorical, metaphor writings, essays, quotes and such can be found there as well. Read about my near death experiences. Listen to some music (mp3) Surreal art and abstract art are their main focus in doing computer art and producing digital art images.
The only alien is human intelligence. We are the spirit of discovery looking for spiritual and metaphysical meaning in atoms. Its a surreal and abstract allegorical and metaphorical reality. Mystic and alien their near death experiences bring fresh metaphors to their computer art gallery. Surreal Art, Abstract Art, 3d Art, mystic and metaphysical digital art and writings metaphors for their near death experiences.




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